About the Artist

My tagline is Handmade Functional Art, because I want people to enjoy art in their everyday lives, and have something beautiful in the ordinary. I am very right brain / left brain balanced, so it is my goal to have my art be as functional as it is artistic. Since I work with one medium, glass, I try everyday to push the boundaries of what you can do with glass, and then bring it back to the most simplistic, both with design, as well as function. And with glass, there is also always the part you cannot control, which, put all together, is a perfect metaphor for life.

  • Interview in Judaica In The Spotlight, September 16, 2020
  • Artful Home

“I call my art “handmade functional art” because I want it to be as functional as it is artistic. If art is functional, we can bring it into our everyday lives. I push my own artistry while retaining the simplicity of function. And in working with glass, you have to embrace the elements you cannot control. Taken together—creativity, functionality, and surprise—it is a perfect metaphor for life. “


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